Monday, June 27, 2016

Patterned papers

i have been busy making papers for collage. It is so much fun!

Some of the pages in the photo have already been used as you can see by the tearing in them.

Paivi has a tutorial on that. It was where I got the idea to spend some time with a blank mind and just get busy with my paints. So many things going on in my mind that I decided I needed something simpler and where I didn't need to think.
It is so easy.....  A watercolour background, doodles and more doodles and more paint or coloured pencils and then you have a wonderful paper to use for collages or wrap a present.


  1. Seeing your stuff is inspiring me to paint again. I am trying to finish some clay pieces. This looks like fun to do in between. Love.

    1. Hi Suzanne, you shoudn't stop painting. I love your paintings. I will call you soon. I have been away, went to Bath to see new grandaughter.

  2. Lovely work Claudia - they're all so different. What a painting adventure :)