Thursday, May 19, 2016

...and the journey begins...

Some of my first art journal pages that were fun making them. There is a big difference between the last ones and the first ones.

This one below won first place in the January context at Wanderlust 2016. It was to make a page related to the sentence I wrote. It was done with acrylics, pens and a collage of magazine pieces.

I couldn't believe I won first prize. I was over the moon.

Then there was a prompt for Be Brave and here is my spread.

My text in it had more to do with letting it go. How to make the background with all sorts of different textures and to really let it go and not fight what your mind is saying.
So, the background has all sorts of different mediums, stencils, paint, modelling paste, collage... you name it and there it

For the next one the prompt was What you see when you look in the mirror. Right, so "she who doesn't want to look old" decided to do one about her hippie years in the late 60's....ha that is old lol. But I had fun.

Those are a few of my spreads in art journaling. I will be posting more later.


  1. I love these Claudia - the quotes are fabulous.

  2. I love these Claudia - the quotes are fabulous.